Green candidates getting Green votes

January 30th, 2012 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

The table below lists in order what percentage of people who gave the Greens their party vote, also gave their electorate vote to the Green candidate.

This isn’t , but it is still interesting to look at. Generally a Green candidate has no chance of winning the seat, so a high level of votes for a Green candidate from their own supporters tends to indicate their high personal standing with their own supporters. It also tends to happen more in seats where they are not marginal.


% of Gre PV voting Gre EV
Coromandel 71.8%
Ilam 57.5%
Northland 55.7%
Taranaki-King Country 55.1%
Hunua 53.6%
Clutha Southland 52.1%
Selwyn 52.0%
Kaikoura 51.7%
Waitaki 50.3%
East Coast Bays 49.6%
Helensville 48.1%
Rongotai 48.0%
Whangarei 47.3%
Tamaki 46.9%
Dunedin North 46.7%
Rodney 45.7%
Waikato 45.4%
Invercargill 43.6%
Taupo 42.2%
Wairarapa 42.1%
Papakura 41.9%
Tauranga 41.8%
Hutt South 41.7%
Mangere 40.2%
North Shore 39.3%
East Coast 39.0%
Tukituki 38.4%
Dunedin South 36.7%
Rangitikei 36.4%
Nelson 35.2%
Wigram 31.4%
Rangitata 31.3%
Te Atatu 31.0%
Mana 30.9%
New Lynn 30.5%
Maungakiekie 30.1%
Northcote 29.9%
Waitakere 29.6%
Mt Roskill 29.5%
Wellington Central 28.9%
Port Hills 28.9%
Christchurch Central 28.5%
Otaki 28.4%
Whanganui 27.5%
West Coast Tasman 26.8%
Rimutaka 26.1%
Mt Albert 26.0%
Epsom 24.7%
Hamilton East 23.9%
Napier 23.6%
Waimakariri 22.8%
Christchurch East 22.4%
Auckland Central 21.6%
Ohariu 21.2%
New Plymouth 21.2%
Palmerston North 20.8%

Catherine Delahunty in Coromandel got a very high 72% of Green voters also giving her their electorate vote. Next was Kennedy Graham in Ilam with 58%. Pauline Evans in Northland also did well with 56%.

The six seats where the Green candidate got under 23% of Green party voters voting for them were Palm North, New Plymouth, Ohariu, Auckland Central, Chch East and Waimakariri – all bar one reasonably marginal seats.

5 Responses to “Green candidates getting Green votes”

  1. Joel Rowan (99 comments) says:

    These statistics have been fascinating. Especially for Palmerston North, where the numbers about Green voters have been at the extremes. Thanks for providing them, David.

    I can tell you why Green voters didn’t give their electorate vote to the Green candidate here though – she was a snide and smarmy academic. I’d say Green did well in the party vote here despite her, not thanks to her efforts in campaigning. It certainly made Green Party voters’ decision to vote for Iain Lees-Galloway rather easy, in my opinion.

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  2. BlairM (2,768 comments) says:

    So you’re telling us, essentially, that Catherine Delahunty is very very popular with Green voters. Amazing, given that during the campaign she was seen as their biggest liability and effectively exiled from it.

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  3. alwyn (513 comments) says:

    I suspect that in the Coromandel electorate the Green supporters had been indulging a little too freely in the areas best known crop before they voted.
    In Ohariu on the other hand they were probably not stoned and had seen what a little nitwit the Green candidate was.

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  4. RachaelGoldsmith (1 comment) says:

    Wow, I hadnt seen that analysis before, rather stoked to have 6th place! Especially as an alternative looking character in a hugely conservative National voting electorate.

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  5. Jack McDonald (199 comments) says:

    It would be helpful if you added Māori electorates into these analyses David. It’s interesting that you haven’t.

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