Labour MPs showing beneficiaries how to budget

I think it is superb that a group of Labour MPs are living on $2.25 of food a day, for a week, to demonstrate how you can eat cheaply.

Their potato and spinach curry recipe should be displayed in all WINZ offices.

I am a bit confused that they are so eager to demonstrate you can feed yourself on just under $16 a week, that they demand increased payments for beneficiary parents. Currently a low income parent gets $88 a week for their first child, and $61 a week for additional children (on top of core benefit, accom supplement etc). Of course you have non food expenses also, but thanks to Grant, Jacinda, Phil, Annette and David they are showing you can have $72 to $45 a week for those other expenses.

I look forward to their other recipes on how to cook for $2.25 a day. Maybe they could publish a book with Muriel Newman on it?

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