Maybe sterilisation isn’t such a bad idea after all

Stuff reports:

A mother who admitted she was an alcoholic who smoked P and marijuana around her two year old son, blew cannabis smoke in his face and waited for days to take him to hospital with a broken arm, has denied any role in his death.

How can any mother do that?

She also admitted she did not take the boy to a doctor for several days after he broke his arm because she was drunk and she was scared the boy would be taken from her.

As should have happened.

Lawrence had testified that Loffley forced JJ to smoke marijuana through an asthma inhaler.

Ready, aim, fire.

However, she admitted getting ”wasted” a lot and sometimes blowing cannabis smoke in JJ’s face herself.

”I probably used to blow some in his face but he used to give him full on spots,” she said of Loffley.

I think they deserve each other. What they do not deserve is more children.

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