Vote Compass

There is a NZ political compass test called Vote Compass, hosted by One News.

Unlike On the Fence which returned some bizarre results, these results seem far far more accurate. It is a way more scientific test. To be fair this is because they had much greater resources.

So well worth doing, and posting your responses. Mine were:

  1. ACT 71%
  2. Nat 66%
  3. United Future 59%
  4. Labour 43%
  5. NZ First 37%
  6. Maori 37%
  7. Greens 27%
  8. Mana 20%

The Conservatives and Internet Party did not co-operate.

So overall it is an excellent resource.

However I was surprised to find out the Electoral Commission is a sponsor of the project, and worse put taxpayer money into developing it.

At the end of the day, this is a site that basically tells people who they should be voting for. It is implicit, not explicit, but when it tells you the parties you most agree with, that is helping those parties.

I think there is no way the Electoral Commission logo should appear on a site, which is implicitly telling people how to vote. It critically undermines their independence and neutrality. I think their involvement is a serious failure of judgment.

Again I think the site is excellent and a great resource. But that is a different issue to the neutrality of the Electoral Commission.

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