About Kiwiblog

is the personal blog of David Farrar. I set it up in July 2003 after several months of getting addicted to reading other blogs. Prior to blogging, I used to participate in Usenet Internet newsgroups, since 1996.

I blog on any issue or thing I find interesting. Now this is mostly politics, but also quite a bit on technology and the Internet. And as my friends use the blog to keep track of what I am up to, there’s a fair amount of personal stuff also, photos of places I have been, food, theatre or movie reviews, or just anything I want to share.

Kiwiblog gets around half a million pageviews per month. I normally blog eight to ten items a day, and we often get 500+ comments a day. There are around 9,000 registered commenters.

My disclosure statement is here. It has my political background and other stuff.

You may also want to read my privacy policy and posting policy. And for those who infringe, the demerits scheme.

A number of people kindly assist with Kiwiblog. Kokila Patel is the sub-editor. That doesn’t mean she is responsible for my typos!  Kokila arranges the daily general debates, and the notices of upcoming political TV shows and the like.

Chthoniid (Brendan Moyle), Todd Sission and Rochard Hume provide wonderful photos on Fridays, Wednesdays and Mondays respectively.

Four people act as parliamentary analysts – doing the daily analysis of what is scheduled for Parliament each sitting day – Hamish McConnnochie, Jordan McCluskey, Scott Miller and Stuart Peters. My thanks to them and all the team who contribute. Also big thanks to Inspire Net for both the hosting, but also the technical support.

A couple of my friends have guest posting privileges and will blog from time to time. I also run occasional cartoons from John Stringer and Blunt. Offers to do guests posts are decided on a case by case basis – the main criteria being whether it is topical and of interest. Rights of replies are always welcome also.