Linking Policy

1. What sites will you link to?

Generally those I want to read myself. If I subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed through Google Reader, then they will automatically be added to my blogroll. If you do not have an RSS feed you can’t be.

2. Will you link to my site if I ask you to?

Almost always, subject to (1) and bearing in mind, I can not link to every blog in NZ, without the links losing their usefulness.

3. Does it help if I link to your blog?

Yes, it is nice if links are mutual, but not obligatory. Bribes also help.

4. Hey you have classified me as a left wing blog and I actually hate the socialists so can you change my classification?

Yes. I initially classify people based on my observations. If you object to being “left” or “geek” or whatever, just let me know and I will probably change it.

5. Do you remove links?

Yes. If a blog has not been updated for some months I will assume it is dead and remove the link when I have the time. If you come back to life, let me know.

6. Why do you list the right blogs first?

Because they are right.

7. Are the links listed in any particular order within each category?

Yes, by each blogger’s birthday and zodiac sign!

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