Euthanasia Bill fails first reading

Peter Brown’s Death with Dignity or Euthanasia Bill failed to even make it to select committee after failing its first reading by 57 votes to 60.

Personally I’m somewhat disappointed as I beleive a select committee debate and submission process would have been worth-while. Personally I am not sure how I would eventually vote on the Bill if I was an MP, as my instincts are to support it, but I do have a concern coming from a medical family background about Doctors having a role of anything other than preserving life. Having said that passive euthanasia is very common and indeed sensible.

The voting breakdown on the Bill is interesting with the majority of Labour MPs actually voting against (some what surprisingly). The breakdown by Party was:

Party – For – Against – Abstain/No Vote

Labour – 25- 26 -1
National 7 – 20 – 0
NZ First 9 – 3 – 1
ACT 6 – 2 – 1
Greens 8 -1 – 0
United 1 – 7 – 0
Jim & Matt 1 – 1 – 0

Greens most in favour at 89% and United most against at 88%. The sole Green MP against was Ian Ewen-Street and sole United in favour Marc Alexander.

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