Bush Twins

Okay, well quite a start to my first visit to Washington DC. Flights generally went okay, and I was lucky not to have anyone next to me on all three flights.

Checked into hotel and did quick download of e-mail. Kevin (ex-flatmate now working on Martinez for Senate campaign) and I chatted online briefly and Kevin joked that I should try to meet the Bush Twins (actually Kevin also suggested other activites also, not suitable for a family publication), knowing my admiration of them.

I forgot to take with me my US plug adaptor, so asked the hotel where I could get some. They said there was a CVS store three blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue.

So I head down to the CVS store (think Star Mart), and almost next to the CVS store is a restaurant, La Chaumiere, with around a dozen Secret Service agents outside, and what looked to be Barbara and Jenna Bush inside, as I walked past.

I kicked myself for not having my camera with me, and thought about going back to the hotel to grab it and to grab a photo when they left, but I also thought about the well armed secret service agents, and decided I didn’t really want to hang around.

Washington 001.jpg

I grabbed a photo of the restaurant the next day, and discovered via Google that it is a popular eating place with President Bush, Julia Child and Karl Rove all known to frequent it.

The Washington Suites Hotel Georgetown is extremely nice, and I can recommend it to anyone. Not sure how much it costs, but the rooms have a large living area, a full kitchen, a large double bedroom with ensuite and hey Nintendo one one of the two TVs.

Washington 002.jpg

This is a photo of some of the main living room. As I said, very comfortable.

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