Saint Ruth

No Right Turn highlights an interview on Scoop (those people who started the fake SIS story, and think Bush stole not just the 2000 election but also 2004 and probably 2008 also) with some Don Brash stalker who calls himself a Brashologist. It really is hilarious and worth a read.

But what I enjoyed is NRT comparing Ruth Richardson to Satan. Personally I always think of Ruth as Saint Ruth because she did more than any other person to stop the NZ economy collapsing. People forget that the projected budget deficit in 1991 was a massive $5 billion and increasing. And debt was so high that a few years of deficits at that level would have had a permament vicious circle of interest on the debt making it impossible to get to a break even budget.

So Ruth did what had to be done to save the NZ economy, and she did it well. The deficit shrank, and after less than a year in office the economy turned around.

NRT and others go on about the awful benefit cuts. Well if they were so awful, why have Labour to this day refused to reverse them? Because they know deep down they were the right thing to do.

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