Why Welfare Reform is a Win Win Win

I stongly believe welfare reform is one of those win/win/win policies where there are no losers, unlike some policies which have winners and losers.


Short-term welfare can be life saving. Long-term welfare can be life destroying. Working is not just about earning money, it is about one’s sense of usefulness, of self reliance, of having some intellectual challenge etc. And while the majority of people on welfare can’t wait to get off, there are a significant number who would stay on it for life if allowed.


Some may disagree, but I think it is not at all desirable for a child to grow up in a household where no-one works. All the studies show environment has a huge factor on how kids turn out, and what your folks do is a major part of that. Hell I wanted to be a Doctor for years, just because my Dad was, until I worked out I hated needles and biology 🙂 And if at least one parent is working, there is more income for the kids.


Reducing welfare rolls is great for the economy. More people in work grows the economy and produces more income. Less people on welfare reduces expenditure. This allows people to keep more of their income and/or for the Government to spend more in other social areas such as health and education.

This is why changing the culture is so important. This is not about any one policy in isolation, this is about having New Zealand buy into a vision of what the welfare state is for, what it covers, and what it doesn’t cover.

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