Mark Peck

I was sorry to read in the newspaper that Invercargill MP Mark Peck is in rehab for alcohol addiction. Battling alcoholism is not an easy thing I am told, and not something for anyone to be judgemental about. It does not excuse his drunk driving car crash, but I respect his attitude of “”I have screwed up and I’m going to have to front up.”

I will use this news to make a point, which has been really annoying me for a while. I am sure no MP will make fun of Mr Peck’s alcoholism. However in 2003 a National MP had some stress leave for reasons well publicised at the time. It has disgusted me how often MPs on the other side of the House have used this to attack him in House debates and make caustic references to his stability. It is filthy behaviour to be honest. I hope they will desist in future.

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