Search Terms

So far in June the top ten search terms are:

1 schapelle corby
2 diversity
3 car crash
4 david farrar
5 penguins
6 kiwiblog
7 excellent
8 penguin
9 graham capill
10 stag party

Around 8,000 people a month are accessing it via search engine keywords. SOme of the more amusing ones are:

lipstick party (32 hits)
police porn (29 hits)
tomatina (29 hits)
miss universe (24 hits)
chicks with guns (12 hits)
dart vader nooooooo (9 hits)
ding dong the witch is dead (8 hits)
queef (8 hits)
jenna bush (7 hits)
penguin sex (6 hits)
10 reasons why sex is good (2 hits)
emily braunstein (2 hits)
frank kitts park swings and slide photos (2 hits)
how to score a girl (2 hits)
orgasms while breastfeeding (2 hits)
rebecca loos pig download (2 hits)
all men are rapists
can i be forced to work with someone who has slandered me
dpf stories mothers and daughters
famous people who were born september 11th
popular and competent helen clark victim of my own success
sex in iran
the fucking great wall of china

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