Trying to rationally work out attraction is always fun. No rhyme or reason sometimes.

Normally the one constant for me, is I always am attracted to and fall for foreign girls. You name it – Germans, Americans, Australians, Estonians, Irish – I find them all delightful.

However to my shock it is not working for UK girls. Have been here a week and for some reason I am just not interested (and no cracks about how fortunate this is for the locals!) . Was worried there may be something wrong with me, but then I met the Polish house cleaner at the flat I was staying, and wham serious case of lust. Perhaps it isn’t foreign girls, but more specifically eastern european as previous interests have included east german and estonian.

Even last night with many young tory girls dressed up for the ball (and normally I am a sucker for formal attire) and still couldn’t be bothered to even stay talking.

Anyway apart from (normally) foreign girls, the one other surefire factor for me is chicks in uniform. So my sincere thanks to PC who found this page with over a hundred photos of female soldiers. The Israelis are especially enchanting.

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