Happy 80th Birthday Mrs Thatcher

Today in the UK it is Margaret Thatcher‘s 80th birthday.

Growing up in the 80s, it is hard to over-emphasise how inspiring Thatcher and Reagan were. Not just for what they achieved in their own countries, but especially their role in standing up to the evil which was the Soviet Union. At the time this was deeply unpopular with many calling for unilateral disarmament of the west – a policy which would have been a disaster if implemented.

In France earlier this year I noted how nice it was that some streets were named after Winston Churchill. I am informed this is common throughout Western Europe.

Likewise I am also informed that streets and places named after Thatcher are proudly displayed all over Eastern Europe. A very fitting tribute to a woman who helped gain them freedom. Kuwait remember her fondly also.

The Telegraph has a lovely article on her, with quotes from many people.

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