Radio NZ

I meant to blog this earlier in the week when I saw the audiocast on Parliament’s website, but forgot. However Radio NZ has reminded me through this press release that they are now audio casting all sessions of Parliament via the Internet.

Radio NZ does great stuff online. I listen to several stories a week through their website, so it is great to see them making a further commitment.

Talking of Radio NZ, Vint Cerf is being interviewed at 9.05 am tomorrow morning on National Radio. If you miss it at the time you can listen to the archive afterwards.

For those who want more background to the ICANN meeting which has just concluded, you can also listen to Peter Dengate-Thrush who was interviewed a fortnight ago. Peter is one of 15 people on the Board of ICANN, like Vint, and is a former President of InternetNZ.

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