McCully wins

The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of Murray McCully, over-turning Justice Wild’s ruling that media, but not MPs, could access the court file of the case against Chris Carter. Some quotes:

“…we think that in this instance, the High Court judge was plainly wrong.”

Mr McCully has both a genuine and proper interest in this Court file. His interest is not frivolous or vexatious or merely prurient. He has a real interest, and it is solidly based in the sense that Mr McCully wishes to inform himself (by access to the Court record) as to the nature and basis of the decision made by the Minister, and the basis on which it is said to rest, in the High Court papers. We consider that his “standing” is clear. It is distinctly arguable that he has a greater interest than other citizens, as a Member of this country’s Parliament, to keep himself fully and properly informed, and he has significant public responsibility as the Opposition Spokesperson on Conservation.