Validating Legislation

It is quite obscene that in a democracy, the is about to a highly significant bill through Parliament, and as a citizen I can't even find a copy online of the law about to be passed. Not that the MPs are in a much better position – they only got to see morning the bill.

Ramming this bill, under urgency, through all three readings is an appalling thing to do. The public are being denied any say on this law, which I understand goes well beyond just validating the 2004/05 accounts.

This bill, depending on its wording, may make immune from the Darnton v Clark lawsuit. It also stops any complaints or charges being laid against Heather Simpson, or even the Minister, for breaches of the Public Finance Act.

Dean Knight raises a number of issues over both the need for the legislation, and especially the rushing it through Parliament under urgency.

The Government claims to be acting on Treasury advice, yet has not released this advice for people to verify, and by the time they do, the law will be changed.

The only bright spot today is that United Future has agreed to pay back their illegal . Well done. Only to go.

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