John Edwards declares

2004 VP Candidate John Edwards has formally declared his candiacy for the Democratic nomination for 2008. Edwards has been doing a lot of work with organised and will be a serious contender.

is the first election since 1928 when neither the incumbent President Vice-President has sought the candidacy.

So far the following are the official candidates:


Senator Mike Gravel, aged 78, Senator for Alaska from 1969 to 1981. Highly unlikely.
Congressman Dennis Kucinch, aged 60, Ohio Congresman since 1997. Hard left, not electable.
Governor Tom Vilsack, aged 56, Iowa Governor since 1999, Chair of the centrist DLC, one to watch.
Senator , aged 64, Senator for Delaware since 1973! Past his prime.
Senator John Edwards, aged 53, North Carolina Senator from 1999 to 2005. The leading contender so far.


John Cox, aged 51, never held elected office. A nobody.

Of course it will get more interesting as others declare. Will Clinton, Obama and Gore seek the Democratic nomination and same for McCain, Giulani and Gingrich for the Republicans?

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