I have a dream programme

Great to read in the Herald about the I have a dream programme set up by millionaire entrepreneur Scott Gilmour to give better opportunities to disadvantaged children. They work with and support selected kids right through school and will even pay for their tertiary education if they choose to go on.

I wonder if Maharey sneeringly refers to this as “Tory charity” also.

In the same story, over 80% of people in a Colmar Brunton New News poll disagree with the PM and said there is an underclass problem, and furthermore 60% said it had got worse under Clark and only 9% said it had got better. Also neither National nor Labour were seen to have the right policies to help low-income New Zealanders.

Incidentially I don’t think the issues around the “underclass” are only related to being low income. There are many low income who are doing relatively fine, and there will be some of higher incomes who are in the underclass (God we need a better word than that).

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