2007 Netguide Awards


I’m repeating a post from a month ago, as the Netguide Awards close on the 15th.

I want people to vote for Kiwiblog so I can have a reason to go up to Auckland for the Netguide Awards and drinks lots of champagne. Oh also because I’ve made around 2,500 posts in the last year to keep you all amused or enraged or both.

So here are the very simple voting instructions:

1) Register with Netguide here (takes ten seconds)

2) Login to Netguide here

3) Go to the awards page here

4) The very top category is Best Blog. Type or copy in “https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz”

5) Click Submit Vote, immediately below the comments box for that category

6) Vote in any other category you so wish

This takes you around 60 seconds all up. Simple.

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