Fiji now illegally detaining suspected bloggers

I’m waiting for the bloggers who have cheerleaded for the Fijian Dictator to admit they were wrong. His latest move is to detain a businessman on suspicion of being a, yes blogger.

The businessman may have been mistreated during his interrogation.

The Dictator is also trying to get the local telco to block access to blog hosts such as Blogspot. Freedom of speech takes another nail to the coffin in Fiji.

Chief Intelligentsiya makes the point:

The attempts to block access to blogs and continuing detentions are blatant dishonouring of the commitments the junta gave to the EU in Brussels last month when they promised not to intimidate or infringe on the rights of Fiji’s people, in return for continuing aid.

We know the EU is watching. Just don’t wait until it’s too late.

It would be very nice also if the NZ Government lent its voice to such protests.

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