Investigate’s allegations against the Police

Ian Wishart in Investigate Magazine has made a huge number of staggering claims against top police officers, including Commissioner Howard Broad who has already admitted that at least one allegation of a bestiality video (involving a man fornicating with a chicken!) did happen, even though he claims not to have been in the room at his house when it showed.

The allegations are not just of private consensual conduct, but include:

* A 1984 child sex [illegal], bondage [not illegal if consensual] and bestiality [illegal] ring operating in Dunedin in 1984 run by the father of a police officer and attended by at least one cabinet [I think this refers to someone who was a Labour Minister in 1984]

* the existence of videotapes of police rapes and bestiality involving police officers

* Indecent assaults by current high ranking police officers

* Dunedin and Christchurch Police had arrangements to turn a blind eye to organised crime – including underage sex and drug dealing – in return for sexual favours from brothels

* Dunedin police officers, former and current, have been involved in multiple rapes of junior female police staff, prostitutes and civilians, drug deals, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, including falsifying charges

I have not read the full article, and can not judge the reliability or authenticity of the allegations except to note that the Commissioner has confirmed at least one aspect is correct.

If the allegations can not be substantiated, those named should sue for defamation to clear their . These are very serious allegations.

Wishart has called for a royal commission of inquiry into the performance of the New Zealand Police, with wide terms of reference and full powers to subpoena, compel and take evidence on oath. I would like to know why some of this info was not placed before the Bazley inquiry, and whether maybe the PCA (so long as it does not use any current Police officers) could not investigate the claims?

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