Not so Super

The concept of a card for Seniors is not a bad one. In fact it was National’s policy in 2005, as well as NZ First. But it sounds like the implementation leaves a lot to be desired:

Lower Hutt Grey Power treasurer John Cable has a simple message for SuperGold card architect Winston Peters, the NZ First leader. “He could have done better.”

Ted Duffill, immediate past-president of the Hastings-Havelock North branch of the lobby group, was more abrupt.

“It’s the biggest con job since Orson Welles broadcast that the world was being invaded by Martians,”

“It’s disappointing,” said Mr Cable, 83. “… It’s going to go down with pensioners like a lead balloon because of the very narrow range of things it offers.”

Mr Duffill, a Korean War veteran, said his local Grey Power booklet offered better deals, and he was bemused by the “veterans” SuperGold card, which carried no special benefits.

“The only difference is that it has a ‘v’ on it. I asked why would I want a card with a ‘v’ on it, and they said, ‘So people know you are a veteran’.”

Hope Winston wasn’t relying on the Gold Card to get him re-elected.

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