Watching a TV series from beginning to end

Myself and a couple of friends have been having a weekly get together over food and wine to watch TV series from beginning to end.  It’s great as you pick up so much more when you watch a series over say six months as compared to seven years.  You follow the plots much better.  And you get all the missed episodes.  I don’t watch much live TV so even with series I enjoy I probably only see two thirds of the episodes when they screen for the first time.

Anyway we have just finished five seasons of Babylon 5, and are now about to move onto 10 seasons of Stargate.  Gulp.  Also doing 11 seasons of South Park – I only got into that after seeing the movie.

Previous series we have now watched from beginning to end are:

  • Buffy
  • Angel
  • West Wing
  • Xena
  • Babylon 5

South Park won’t take long to get through as every season is only 14 episodes and every episode 22 minutes long.  That means eight episodes a week (one three hour session) so 160 episodes is just 20 weeks.

Stargate One will be a killer.   With 214 episodes that is going to take 54 weeks to get through, and as I travel a lot we don’t manage it every week, so probably a year and a half.

Not sure what series after these ones.  I’m quite keen on doing The Sopranos from start to finish. One could keep track of the body count!  Most of the Star Trek series don’t do much for me (New Generation was good though) and it would cost too much to get every Dr Who episode.

Friends has been on TV so much, I can recite almost every episode by rote anyway.

Talking of TV, I see TV One will be showing The Tudors shortly.  Yay.  I love historical portrayals.   I’ve already seen the first three episodes, but will be good to see all nine.  A fascinating period of history.

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