VUWSA 2008

A week overdue with the story, but did want to record the outcome of the VUWSA elections.  The turnout was massively higher than previous years and the A-team were heaving defeated.  And one has to always respect the will of the voters.

Interestingly, incumbent President Geoff Hayward was also defeated, which probably disappointed Young Labour whose members otherwise won many Exec positions. How they work with Joel Cosgrove next year remains to be seen. Cosgrove has to be congratulated for running an energetic campaign which won him the job.

It’s a bit harsh on Geoff Hayward who struggled all year with a divisive Exec.  But I suspect he will be glad in hindsight not to have won and to be moving on.

Also congrats to Chris Bishop who beat Sonny Thomas by two votes for the role of student rep on the University Council. Commiserations also to Sonny.

I had blogged that I thought the Salient coverage was unfair, so in all fairness I should link to the response from Editor Steve Nicoll. It sounsd like the Returning Officer wasn’t too happy also – will be interesting to read her formal report if it is published.

I’ll actually be seeing most of the Salient staff tonight, as I am a guest at the Aotearoa Student Press Association (ASPA) Awards dinner tonight.  I was a judge (one of three) for the best columnist award.  Should be a very fun night.

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