OIA on Curran’s work

Readers will know the story by now of how Claire Curran was hired by the Environment Ministry after David Parker “recommended” her. She had previously been declined.

Now a member of the public has filed a request to the Ministry of the Environment for all information on all work carried out by Clare Curran while employed at, or contacted to, the Ministry for the Environment”.

And the reply from the Environment Ministry CEO Hugh Logan is revealing. He is transferring the request to Trevor Mallard because:

“The information to which your request relates is more closely connected with the functions of a Minister of the Crown”

So pretty much confirms that she was working for the Minister’s private political agenda (as Erin Leigh said), rather than the Ministry, despite them (the taxpayer) paying the $29,000 bill.

Will Trevor release the info before the House rises?  I doubt it.  My pick will be Xmas Eve.

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