Dominion Post Scoring the Exchanges

Every Monday, after a House sitting week, the Dom Post does a nice wee summary of the week in the House.  They award a winner, loser and wally (used to be a stronger word) of the week plus score out of 10 a two MPs clashing in the House.

Now it’s as much fun as scientific analysis, but I like them as it gives me data.  And it can be interesting nevertheless to go through the 30 scorecards for the year, and see who did well, and not do well.  I could wait for the final score next week, but thought it would be nice to publish this while the House still sits. This is the Dom Post’s analysis, but my summary.

Winner of the Week

  1. John Key x 4
  2. Helen Clark x 3
  3. Sue Bradford x 3
  4. Maori Party x 2
  5. Greens x 2
  6. David Parker x 2
  7. Winston Peters x 2
  8. Simon Power x 2

The winner breakdown by party is National 10, Labour 9, Greens 5, NZ First NZ First 3, Maori Party 2

Loser of the Week

  1. Helen Clark x 4
  2. David Benson-Pope x 2
  3. Winston Peters x 2
  4. Taito Philip Field x 2
  5. Pete Hodgson x 2
  6. Trevor Mallard x 2
  7. Damien O’Connor x 2

The loser breakdown by party is Labour 21, National 3, NZ First 2, United Future 2.  to be fair, the Government will generally tend to be on the back foot more often as they defend scandals and issues.

Wally of the Week

  1. Gordon Copeland x 3
  2. Winston Peters x 3
  3. David Cunliffe x 2
  4. Taito Philip Field x 2

The wally breakdown by party is Copeland x 3 (if I recall they thought of making Gordon the permanent recepient), Labour x 10, NZ First x 5, National x 2 and Maori x 1.

The Exchanges

Biggest thumpings – Anderton 9 vs Dean 0 (banning H20) and Ryall 9 vs Cunliffe 0 (I’m in charge now)

Most frequent top scorer – Cullen x 5, English x 3, Key x 3, Ryall x 3

Most frequent low (as in came 2nd) scorer -Cullen x 3, English x 3, Clark x 2,

Most frequent exchange – Cullen vs English x 6 – 6-5, 8-7, 8-2, 6-7, 5-7 and 6-6 for an average of Cullen 6.5 to English 5.7

Most one sided – Ryall vs Cunliffe – 9-0 and 8-0

The PMs face off – Clark vs Key – 10-10 (smacking compromise), 3-7 and 2-8 for an average of  Clark 5.0 to Key 8.3

No of Top Scorers – National x 12, ,Labour x 9, Greens x 2, NZ First x 1, Progressive x 1, Speaker x 1

No of Bottom Scorers – Labour x 12, National x 6, Green x 3, Maori x 2, Act x 1, United x 1, NZ First x 1

No of Draws -4 – Downer vs Clark, Key vs Clark, English vs Cullen and English vs King

Zero scorers – Cunliffe x 2, Chris Carter x 1, Dean x 1, Maharey x 1, Parker x 1

Next year will be even more fun to score I am sure.  Kudos to the Dominon Post for providing the  exchanges each week – it is one of my favourite features.

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