Just $70 will keep a billboard alive for another day

Okay the Free Speech Coalition has spent all its money. In fact slightly over-spent. So the billboards are only up for a month.

But just $70 will keep a billboard alive for another day. If you go and donate $70 at the Coalition’s website, we’ll keep a billboard up for another day. We can even proudly allocate a day to you, so you can claim the credit for a particular billboard on a particular day.

If you wish to donate more than $70, that of course is great. For those “rich pricks” as our Minister of Finance calls them, we have the following options:

  1. $70 for one non-Auckland billboard for one day
  2. $100 for one Auckland billboard for a day
  3. $150 for two non-Auckland billboards for a day
  4. $200 for one Auckland billboard for a weekend
  5. $500 for a billboard for a week
  6. $2,000 keeps a billboard up for an entire month. 11 of these and they are up until election day.
  7. $5,000 gets you an entirely new billboard with a new authoritarian and a new location for a month. You can pick to have it in your local town or suburb.
  8. $10,000 gets you your own personal billboard for three months

And if you are a “poor prick”, you are very welcome to donate less than $70.  Many supporters have given $20 and they are valued.

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