NZ First on Electoral Reform

A commenter yesterday pointed out a clause in NZ First’s 15 fundamental principles, which highlights their hypocrisy on the Electoral Finance Bill:

Electoral Reform

Electoral reform will be determined by the electors. The Government’s duty will be to ensure the fair representation of all views and the holding of appropriate referenda.

So consider this:

  1. The public had no notice before the last election of electoral law changes
  2. NZ First negotiated in secret with Labour on electoral law changes
  3. There was no public policy process to allow policy to be set on which the law was based
  4. Opinion polls (Colmar Brunton) have shown the majority against further third party restrictions
  5. The Human Rights Commission called for a second round of public submissions, which NZ First ignored
  6. The public will be restrained from criticising those who voted for the law, by the law.

So is that what NZ First calls having electoral reform determined by the electors?

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