The Innocence Project

Poneke (who is becoming a must read) has a very informative post about how Phil Goff’s promised inquiry into the Peter Ellis case was nobbled.  And yes the Val Sim he refers to is the same one who said the original Electoral Finance bill did not breach the Bill of Rights and is now on the Law Commission.

But more interesting for me is the blog post on The Innocence Project being set up by academics and others at Vic and Otago Unis.

I think the Peter Ellis case is a stain on our justice system, and am fully supportive of The Innocence Project.  This could even be a good cause for blogs from all sides of poltics to combine forces on to support.

How about a concerted campaign to set up a Criminal Cases Review Commission as proposed by Sir Thomas Thorp. In election year blogs could run a campaign to pressure all parliamentary parties to make it a policy commitment?

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