No Right Turn decides to smear

You know last year I always gave No Right Turn out as an example of a superb .  A clear left wing view point but principled, and focused on not personal attacks etc.

Maybe it is having done away with comments (which he is entitled to do so) but his tone and style have changed in the last year and moved far more to name calling and slogans over analysis.  It's a pity because as I said I always held it up as a model for a effective respected political blog.

I'm not going to catalog the various over the last few months, but I can't ignore today's example where he labels the idiots who have again attacked Helen Clark's electorate office with a brick as “the kiwiblog right”.

That is an outrageous smear.  It would be like me labelling Tim Selwyn's attack on the same office as the work of the “No Right Turn left” because both Tim and Idiot/Savant opposed the Foreshore and Seabed Act which his brick throwing was about.

It is a matter of record that I condemned the first attack when it happened.  I even got attacked by People Power (who did it) for my condemnation.

I/S is free to adopt whatever style he wants on his blog, and I am sure my approval doesn't count for a lot.  But when he deliberately tries to smear me with something I have never supported and explicitly condemned in the past – well that's reflects far more on him than me.

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