Six police officers for smacking complaint

The Press has the story of Jimmy Mason:

Professional musician Jimmy Mason flicked the ear of his son, Seth, at the Bridge of Remembrance just before Christmas after the three-year-old disobeyed his instructions while riding his new bike.

The toddler took off down a ramp and was followed by his brother, Zach, two, who was also on a new bike. Seth made the tight corner but Zach did not, and injured his eye.

“Seth just wanted to go on riding. He didn’t realise the seriousness of it with the youngest one slipping in and out of consciousness,” Mason said.

“So I turned to Seth and flicked him on the ear and told him to shut up while we fixed up the young one,” Mason said.

A nearby teacher took umbrage, an off-duty policewoman rang the incident in and in minutes later Mason was surrounded by six police officers.

“They were going to arrest me and were trying to ascertain whether it was safe for the kids to go home with me,” he said.

“It was pretty bizarre to tell you the truth.”

Mason said he took his sons biking every day and they needed to obey his instructions to the letter in order to stay safe.

“When I say ‘stop’ to the kids they have got to stop,” he said. “I said to the cops that I need to impress upon him (Seth) what he did was wrong and I need to impress it on him straight away and asked them how they suggested I do it.

“They didn’t know and I said to them, ‘Well, you’ve just told me what I did was wrong so you must know what is right’.”

Mason was not charged in the end, but given a formal warning which will go on his police record.

A formal warning is not an inconsequential thing, and it seems very unfair he has received one, on the basis of the facts outlined.  There maybe another side to the story, of course.

Also one has to ask why the hell do the Police send six officers in response?  A street brawl is unlikely to get that many!

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