Frog Blog celebrates Leap Year

Frog Blog has declared Leap Day today as the Day of the Frog. And with some very good humour, they preview what other blogs might say:

And of course ’m sure other blogs will be writing about Leap Day too. Kiwiblog will be uncovering the story of a advocacy group that has been silenced by the Electoral Finance Act, the Standard will discuss how John pulls the legs off frogs when no one is looking. expect No Right Turn to have detailed policy analysis on possible legislative action relating to the Maud Island Frog. Hard News will report on the cultural impact that Archey’s Frogs had by releasing a song of their mating call exclusively to iTunes. Whale Oil will continue to amuse his readers by photoshopping Jeanette’s head onto a frog (guffaw).

Heh, like it.  It gets and The Standard perfectly 🙂

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