UMR’s Mood of the Nation

UMR sent out on Friday their latest Mood of the Nation (not online yet) – an excellent read with lots of info.


The above graph is their annual averages for each party since 1991. The recovery since 2003 for National is quite startling.

They also show their party vote support for each month in 2007.


This helps explain why Trevor Mallard finally apologised to Erin Leigh.

They also measure net favourability ratings for each leader. I’ll give for each what they started and ended the year on.

  • Helen Clark from +26% to +15%
  • John Key from+15% to +42%
  • Winston Peters from -17% to +3%
  • Peter Dunne from -4% to -8%
  • Jeanette Fitzsimons from +15% to -1%
  • Tariana Turia from -19% to -25%
  • Rodney Hide from +1% to +4%
  • Pita Sharples from +20% to +1%

So Key and Peters the big movers up, and Fitzsimons, Clark and Sharples the big movers down.

Some interesting results on social issues also:

  • 78% say sex between unmarried adults is morally acceptable (hell, I thought it would be even higher than that, but in US it is only 59%)
  • 74% say a baby outside marriage is okay (54% in US)
  • 60% are okay with homosexual relations (47% in US)
  • 55% are okay with abortion (40% in US)
  • Only 9% say unfaithfulness in marriage is acceptable (6% in US)
  • 75% say divorce is okay (65%)
  • 49% say gambling is morally acceptable (63%)
  • 42% support the death penalty (66%)
  • 65% support embryo stem cell research (64%)
  • 54% support medical testing on animals (59%)
  • 10% are okay with polygamy (8%)
  • 9% support human cloning (11%) and 27% animal cloning (36%)

Most results are no surprise. I thought NZ would be higher than 60% on homosexual relations and abortion. Mind you this is a poll on personal morality, not on legality.

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