Anderton annoyed at ACT on Campus

Heh heh. NZPA reports:

Wellington, March 20 NZPA – Moves by young ACT supporters to boost membership by selling cut-price party pills are “grossly irresponsible”, Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton says.

The group ACT on Campus sold the pills last month for $1 each to Auckland University students who joined their organisation.

Party pills will be illegal from April 1, after legislation classifying them as a class C1 drug was passed this month. ACT, the Green and Maori parties voted against the legislation.

But ACT on Campus Auckland president Ben Smith said the pills were still legal and there was nothing wrong with the successful promotion, which had signed up 500 people.

But Mr Anderton, who is the minister in charge of the Government’s drugs policy, told NZPA the promotion was grossly irresponsible and ACT needed to rein in its youth wing.

Very innovative thinking by ACT on Campus.

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