Blog Bits

Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic blogs on the numbers showing how tough it will be for Hillary Clinton to pull back Obama’s lead. He finds that even a rosy scenario has Clinton only reducing Obama’s lead by 60 – 80 delegates.

Colin Espiner blogs on the latest polls.

Keeping Stock blogs a quote from Helen Clark on the sacking of the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board:

“But my view is that I don’t really care what the rights and wrongs of what was going on within the board are – I don’t believe that you can run a decent health service for the people of Hawke’s Bay while that is going on.”

I should think the PM should deeply care about the rights and wrongs.  The members of the DHB whose reputations are affected by this sacking certainly care.

Russell Brown comments on his blog on the context around the photo of him at the Hero Debate.

Whale Oil has a video on Labour’s health problems.

Paul Walker has a hilarious video on economics.  Yes seriously it is funny.