Diversity and the Auckland City Council

Aaron Bhatnagar is having fun,

Cathy Casey from City Vision accused C&R of making diversity a dirty word at the Auckland City Council.

Aaron reveals that what she is complaining about is the decision not to fund a $12,000 cocktail party to celebrate diversity. And just to really have fun, he points out that C&R have five Crs and Community Board members who are ethnically diverse – two Chinese, one Samoan, Aaron (half Indian) and one Maori, while City Vision he labels monochromatic as they don’t have any non Europeans.

And for good measure he posts photos also.

Personally I think City Vision have a political death watch.  They’ve spent three months whining about C&R cutting funding to various politically correct causes.  C&R will just slaughter them in 2011 (if all other things stay even) by publishing the list of all the things they have saved the ratepayer from funding and how City Vision would have rates skyrocketing for their pet projects.

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