McDonalds on Bebo

The Southland Times has a story about a page on Bebo purporting to be from former or current McDonalds staff there.

I chatted to the reporter for quite a while about what alternatives were open to the McDonalds. They quote:

Technology commentator David Farrar, of Wellington, said McDonald’s could ask the site’s makers to remove its logos and intellectual property, but not order it to be removed in New Zealand, he said.

He suggested the best tact for McDonald’s would be to not over-react.

McDonalds seem to sensibly be avoiding an over-reaction:

Invercargill McDonald’s owner Trevor Rogan, who was unaware of the site when approached by The Southland Times said he was concerned about the content on the site.

However, neither he nor McDonald’s national headquarters would be trying to shut down the site, saying it was “freedom of speech”.

Mr Rogan’s concerns centred on the language used, the official McDonald’s logo being used on the site, and the 20 drive-through rules.

The site is obviously tongue in cheek and I doubt anyone would take a Bebo page as being an official McDonalds site. Especially one that advocates if there are drunk people in your car you shoudl tell them to shut the f**k up 🙂