Party Pill ban passed

It will be illegal to sell party pills from April, and illegal to possess any from October, under the law passed last night.

I predict some great parties on the 30th of September!

Well done to the Greens, ACT and the Maori Party for rejecting this silly ban. It will be just as successful as prohibition was in the US in the 1930s and will criminalise thousands of young party goers. If the party pill supply dries up, then they’ll just use other, much worse, drugs.
Top quotes:

Maori MP Hone Harawira said Mr Anderton was a killjoy and he thought it ridiculous to ban the pills when tobacco and alcohol remained legal.

Ms Turei described Mr Anderton as a “Muldoon Mini Me” for deciding to change the law but not allowing time to adjust. She said it was “utterly irrational” to think outlawing the pills would eliminate their use.

Next I await Parliament banning easter eggs due to their moderate risk of harm.

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