The exodus grows

The February Migration statistics show an accleration in the rate at which people are fleeing New Zealand.

7,406 people left NZ for good last month.  That is a massive 1,850 people a week or 255 people a day.  Yep everyday one of those 767-300s which fly out internationally was full of people not planning to return.

Net migration to Australia has increased dramatically in the last four years. In the year to Feb 2004 net migration to Australia was only 10,623. For the year to Feb 2008 it was  29,586. Net migration to Australia has tripled in four years.

What is also interesting is not only are more New Zealanders leaving, less are returning. In the Feb 2004 year 39,483 NZers left – this has increased by 17,500 to 56,932 in the current year. But some NZers return. In Feb 2004 year 27,539 people returned.  In the year to Feb 2008 only 22,849 returned. The net migration of NZers (those with NZ citizenship) has increased in four years from 11,944 to 34,093.

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