Warp-speed Internet

Telstra-Clear has launched a warp-speed Internet offering – 25 Mb/s download, 2 Mb/s upload and a monthly 120 GB cap.

The cost is $230 a month which rules it out for most people, but it is good to have the option there, and over time prices should drop.

Vodafone has also announced they will allow customers to go on VDSL2, as well as ADSL2+. VDSL2 can do speeds of up to 50 Mb/s down and 30 Mb/s up – but only if within 1 km of a exchange.

The pricing is not specified, but the story says “VDSL2 connections could be bought by anyone who wants to pay for it”. Does that mean you pay one off for the connection or a higher monthly fee?

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