Cullen compares NZ journalist to David Irving

The Greens raised in Parliament yesterday the case of Capital News editor Nick Wang, had been denied a visa to cover the signing of the China FTA by Helen Clark.

Wang is a critic of China’s policies, and in a shameful display last year was evicted from a press conference hosted by Cullen, after authorities objected to his presence.

If the Government is willing to let China dictate for press conferences in NZ, suppose it is no surprise they will not object to China setting policy for press conferences in China. Still – would have been nice to at least stand up for the Kiwi journalist.

But instead Dr Cullen says this:

Cullen said: “No New Zealand citizen has a right to enter China. China, like every other country, reserves the right to withhold entry across its own borders.

“New Zealand does exactly the same thing, and indeed this Government … declined to give a visa for the entry into New Zealand of David Irving in the past.”

David Irving is a vile holocaust denier. The comparison of to David Irving is appalling.

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