Not such common sense

The Herald quotes Labour Party President Mike Williams:

Labour President is calling on the Electoral Commission to abandon its policy of not pre-approving party election advertisements to avoid confusion over what will or will not count.

Mike, Mike, Mike. There’s no need. Just apply the law of common sense as Annette King declared.

And Mike, have you thought that the reason the electoral authorities have not been so willing to declare what is permitted under the Electoral Finance Act is because even they have no fucking idea what parts of it mean?

Did it not even trigger a moment of concern Mike, when the CEO of the Electoral Commission took the unprecedented step of going on National Radio to publicly state how the then proposed law was unclear and confusing?

Did you not even pause for a second to consider that having Annette “common sense” King get up and declare one day what her view of “parliamentary purpose” is, and then the next day say how she got it wrong and you should just listen to what all the MPs views are in Hansard, might just possibly introduce some uncertainty in the law?

And Mike most of well why should the electoral authorities tell you in advance their view of material, when the last time they did it, your party lied to them, ignored them, broke the law and then attacked the electoral authorities as having got it wrong?

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