Poor Mike

Mike Williams denies being a rich prick in the Hewitson interview:

He made, by the way, a lot of money from his direct marketing company and so is surely, I said, “a rich prick” like John Key. “Not any more,” he said, “I’ve been working for the Labour Party for 10 years.” He gets $25,000 a year and gives it all back one way or another. He buys a lot of raffle tickets.

Mike forgot to mention he is a DIrector of seven companies, appointed by his mates in Government:

  1. Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited
  2. Genesis Power Limited
  3. Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA)
  4. Transit New Zealand
  5. Waitakere Enterprise
  6. New Zealand Railways Corporation (Ontrack)
  7. North West Auckland Airport Limited

And what does Mike get as a Director for each:

  1. GNS – $21,000
    1. Genesis – $333,000/9 = $37,000 approx (maybe more as now Deputy Chair)
    2. ARTA – $35,000
    3. Transit – $25,000
    4. Waitakere Enterprise – $65,110/5 = $13,000 approx
    5. Ontrack – $26,000
    6. NW Airport – fees unknown

    So that is $157,000 from government (central and local) board appointments. Now I dont begrudge Mike Williams his fees if he is doing a good job as a Director. But how in touch are you as Labour Party President when your income is over $180,000 a year and you deny you are rich?

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