Finally the end in sight for Obama

Most media organisations are now reporting that Obama now has a lead amongst super-delegates as well as pledged delegates. There is no official site for super delegate counting but I use Real Clear Politics who has it Obama 275 to Clinton 271.

Clinton will probably stay in the race until the last primary, just so every vote counts but her money will now be dried up. Her only hope has been that her attacks on Obama would make him unelectable, and that super delegates would decide it for her. But now he can almost ignore her as he takes aim at McCain.

It is premature to post on the historic nature of Obama’s achievement, until it is official, but it is truly historic.

If Obama picks up half the delegates in the six primaries to go, he will add on 109 to his 1,866 to be at 1,975 – just 50 short of the 2025 he need. I suspect he will have those or get those by the 3rd of June.

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