Broadband performance

The report on performance in Q1 of 2008 is here.

The retail market shares are:

  1. Telecom 65%
  2. TelstraClear 11.5%
  3. Vodafone 9.7%
  4. Orcon 7.2%
  5. Slingshot 6.5%

The best city in terms of broadband performance was Hamilton with Auckland and Dunedin 2nd=, then Wellington and Christchurch. Here are the top five for each city in order:


  1. TelstraClear DSL
  2. MaxNet
  3. Kiwi Online
  4. Inspire
  5. WorldxChange


  1. Orcon
  2. Compass
  3. WorldxChange
  4. Telecom
  5. Slingshot


  1. TelstraClear Cable
  2. MaxNet
  3. Inspire Net
  4. TelstraClear DSL
  5. Actrix


  1. TelstraClear Cable
  2. Snap
  3. MaxNet
  4. WorldxChange
  5. Inspire Net


  1. Orcon
  2. Compass
  3. Telecom
  4. WorldxChange
  5. Vodafone

They do not just mention speed, but a variety of performance indicators.

My home connection in Wellington is with Ihug, now Vodafone. They are third lowest in Wellington and I do have to say since they were taken over I have found the performance disappointing. I love their mobile products, but may look at moving my home connection at some stage.

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