Cam vs Cam

Cameron Slater blogged on how to get free parking in Newmarket. Lord Mayor Cameron Brewer is not happy and responds with some gentle jabs:

Whaleoil claims that in one carparking building that offers the first 30 minutes free, people leaving can easily just get a fresh ticket which will get them out for free.

“However here’s the catch. I understand that the person would have to be at least over 150kgs to trigger the weight sensors which in turn trigger the ticket dispenser. For Whaleoil to be able to get a free ticket he must be mistaken for a small vehicle. He must be at least the size of a motorbike with an average size adult aboard.” …

“It is now time for man to apologise to the people of for promoting dishonesty and to the public of Auckland for misleading them, albeit that there might be some free parking for obese people, but they probably have access to our disabled parks anyway,” said Cameron Brewer.

What can one say!

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