What does it take to not get bail?

There is a legitimate debate about when someone does or does not get bail, as people are innocent until found guilty. But as it can take well over a year for someone to come to trial, you need some ability to protect the community until the trial, if there is a significant risk of further offending.

Now I can’t think of much of a better case for no bail than this one of Bernard Long:

  • Found with 30 guns including sniper rifles, pistols and an AK47
  • Charged with careless use of a firearm and engendering public safety after aiming laser sights all day at various people on boats
  • A gun with laser sights was found in an insecure state, with rounds in the magazine
  • Several other fully loaded magazines were found
  • Has a previous conviction for running over a paua driver in his boat

So he has a history of harming others, he has 30 guns in his house, some of them are loaded, and he spends his nights aiming them at people with the laser sights. Yep a perfect candidate for bail.

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