Working with David: Inside the Lange Cabinet

Michael Bassett has finished his long awaited book “Working with David: Inside the Lange Cabinet”. I’ve been anticipating this for around 20 years since I read that Bassett took detailed notes during both caucus and cabinet meetings (technically a no no but people knew he would not publish them until appropriate time had passed).

The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce has a Momentum Breakfast with Dr Bassett next Tuesday.

It is at 7.15 am on Level 28 of the Majestic Centre. Tickets are $40 for members and $60 for non members (thanks to WRCC for a complementary one for myself).

From former Cabinet Minister Michael Bassett, Working with David is an in-depth insight into the Lange government of 1984-1990. This was a key time in New Zealand history for both international politics (ANZUS, Mururoa tests, Oxford Union debate) and domestic economics (Roger Douglas’s reforms) of which the real story has never been told until now. Written by Lange’s cousin, and senior Cabinet Minister in that Government, Michael Bassett, here is the “inside the Cabinet room” view of some of the most heady and turbulent times in recent history.

One can book online at the link provided. The 4th Labour Government did so many amazingly inspired things, but also stuffed some things up in a big way. I can’t wait to get a copy of the book and hear Dr Bassett on the day.

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