iPhone prices

Vodafone has announced its pricing for the iPhones which go on sale on Friday, and its certainly not cheap.

The phone itself starst at $199, but only if you to a $6,000 contract over two years. Yeah thought not.

Their cheapest plan is not so bad – $80 a month which includes 120 minutes of calls (4 minutes a day), 600 texts (20 a day) and 250 MB of data (8Mb a day which isn’t bad). The phone will cost $549 or $699 (for 16GB phone) on top of that.

The $250 a month plan gives you 600 minutes or 20 minutes a day. No increase in texts (600) and a nice 1 GB of data.

I hope prices will drop over time. They probably have them high now because they know there will be some peopel who will pay anything for an iPhone. Personally I would hold off and wait for some lower prices as will be inevitable when they want more customers.

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